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Helen Young

“Follow your dreams until you achieve them or become satisfied and yearn for another.”

Helen is a dreamer from Hagaman/Amsterdam, NY who loves creating new worlds and characters. You can usually find her in her bedroom typing away on her laptop, watching anime, or playing a video game.

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The Adventures of Commoner Mouse


Miri, a mouse princess, learns that her two sisters have been mouse-napped. Accompanied by Jeremiah, a commoner mouse, Miri has a series of adventures as she and Jeremiah go out into the world to find Miri’s sisters and bring them back home.

About Helen Young

Helen Young is an English Bachelor graduate from The College of Saint Rose. She currently works as a clerical coordinator at Ellis Mohawk Harbor Primary and Urgent Care in Schenectady. On the side in her free time, she writes as much as she can when inspiration hits her.

Helen has been writing stories for as long as she can remember. Her inspiration for these stories, as she says, is life itself as well as her dreams. Dreams come to her as movies. The vivid detail sticks around long enough for her to write down. With this, the journals pile up as her mind palace gains another file in its library.

The daughter of a seamstress, Helen was raised with positivity, open mindedness, and infinite support for being creative. Her writing took off in high school where she took part in a group called Pen in Hand. There she met several other writers that motivated her and encouraged her. Guests such as A.G. Devitt and Alan Steinberg participated in this event, leading multiple workshops with several students from numerous schools. Experiencing such a moment has led her this far in her creative writing life.

Helen’s never been told to stop writing, and she’s not going to stop now.



Favorite Quote

“Follow your dreams until you achieve them or become satisfied and yearn for another.” Dreams are important to me, not just as a goal to reach but as a creative source as well.

Favorite Books & Authors

I don’t necessarily have a favorite author or book but if I had to choose, Hilari Bell and her fantasy books. There’s also Terry Pratchett’s Nation I enjoyed reading.


Favorite Films & Movies

One of my favorite movies is The Prince of Egypt. I love how it’s based on the bible book Exodus with Moses and the music is very catchy to me. I also love watching Disney, Pixar, Dreamworks, Marvel, and DC movies.

Favorite Music

I listen to all kinds of genres from country to metal, classical to 80s rock. My favorite groups/artists are Nickelback, Three Days Grace, Lady Gaga, Lindsey Stirling, and Tracy Lawrence.

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