By Joshua Montreal

A Knight in New York

Young Adult Fantasy, Action, Adventure Novel

Roland, a Knight of King Arthur’s Round Table, comes forward in time to modern day New York City.

His mission? To protect the Book of Merlin and whoever the book chooses.

Amanda, a college student, becomes the Chosen One to succeed Merlin as the next Master Wizard.

Together, they battle mythological monsters in an effort to save NYC from evil!

Meet Our Authors

Children’s Book Author

Helen Young

Helen has been writing stories for as long as she can remember. Her inspiration for these stories, as she says, is life itself as well as her dreams. Dreams come to her as movies. The vivid detail sticks around long enough for her to write down. With this, the journals pile up as her mind palace gains another file in its library.

Helen’s never been told to stop writing, and she’s not going to stop now.

Young Adult Novelist

Joshua Montreal

I have a passion for writing (obviously). In fact, the drive to write fuels me every day.

I collect Funko Pops and Pop Vinyls as a hobby. I play video games to relax. And – some day, some place – I’d like to try bungee jumping.

Poet and Philosopher

Peter B. Smith

Where does this book, Bien, fit into my life? I am as uncertain of that as I am the answer to, “where does this book fit into the audience’s life?”

With Autumn approaching and Winter coming fast after that, I will be changing along with the seasons. This book, however, will be a piece of me that does not change. It may be read by others and may even be critiqued, yet it will not change. So for you and for all readers, it is the true story of who I am today.

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