Are you a writer? A reader? A poet? A dreamer?
Have you written a novel? A short story? A poem?
Would you like to share your words with others?
Share your thoughts and feelings?

Are you looking for inspiration?
A few new ideas?
A creative spark?

Would you like to improve your writing?
Are you looking for a bit of writer ed.?
A few pointers?
Some tips from other writers?

Black Harbor Press is happy to announce that we are open to guest bloggers.
Just send us a query through our contact page with your theme and approx. word count.

Here’s a few things to keep in mind:

We look for G and PG content – nothing stronger than that.
Tips can be as short as 25 words.
Inspirational snippets can be from 25 to 100 words.
DIY How-To’s can be as long as 500 words.

For article length pieces, we are seeking unique content.
So, if it has been published elsewhere, we may not be able to accept your article.

We are happy to attribute all submissions.
Just give us your by-line.

We will also accept first chapters for self-published titles.*
We’re happy to provide links to your product page.
And to your author page provided that all your author page content is G/PG.
The book should already be published and available on Amazon and/or Apple.

*Some titles are a better fit for us than others.
We don’t accept horror or occult titles.
Mature themes are accepted only on a case-by-case basis.
Graphic sex and/or violence is out.

With all submissions, please query first.
Just send us a message and tell us what you’d like to send us.
Then, we’ll get back to you and request your submission if it meets our needs.

Thanks for having a read through.  : )
Keep on writing!