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Naomi Renee Masingale

“I watch bad horror movies, draw, and listen to music.”

Naomi’s work explores the relationship between a love for extreme subculture imagery and also the controlled methodology of science cartoons, video game art, and science fiction cartoons. Her favorite artists are Caravaggio and Ralph Steadman, the latter because he draws controlled chaos and the former because he was chaos personified but drew only what he saw with surprising proficiency.

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About Naomi Renee Masingale

I am a graduate of Pratt Institute, and have always held more than one interest at a time, which I try to display in art form, even if it involves two subjects that have nothing to do with each other! I’ve created a lot of art projects that are either music or science-inspired so most of my images veer on the fantastical, sci-fi or horror comedy.

Favorite Hobbies

I watch bad horror movies, draw, and listen to music.

Favorite Dream

I’ve always wanted to try publishing a graphic novel, animating my characters instead of just drawing them.

Favorite Music

I played clarinet from 4th to twelfth grade.

Today I enjoy Extreme Metal and Electronic Dance music.

Favorite Books & Authors

Raymond Chandler, I like Noir.

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